Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Our first giveaway!!!

We were recently contacted by Natalie from Book of Mormon for Kids regarding a giveaway.
She has a really great product available which we think is a wonderful Family Home Evening tool.
She sent me a copy of the PDF, and I have to tell you, I just love it.
What a fun way to teach your favorite Book of Mormon stories to your little ones.
I took it to my local copy place and had it printed out.
I've decided to make mine into file folder games.
 Helping Nephi dress in Labans clothes.....

What a fun and interactive way to teach scripture stories during Family Home Evening!
And afterwards, it makes a wonderful quiet book for Sacrament meeting.
Double score!
You can do whatever you'd like with it...laminate it and make it into a spiral book, file folder games or even just slip the pages into page protectors and put it in a binder.
Here is Natalie's instruction video. You get a great feel for the whole thing here.
I love this!  

This Book of Mormon for Children is a PDF that you can print and create for your own family. There are 9 stories in Volume 1:

1. Lehi's Family Leaves Jerusalem
2. Nephi and The Brass Plates
3. Nephi Builds a Ship
4. Enos Prays All Day
5. King Benjamin
6. King Noah and Abinadi
7. Alma Teaches the Nephites
8. Alma The Younger and The Sons of Mosiah
9. Ammon & King Lamoni's Sheep
 ...Aaaannnd ...
Volume 2 is coming soon! It will include the last 9 stories of the Book of Mormon...
-The Anti-Nephi-Lehi's
-Captain Moroni
-The Stripling Warriors
-Samuel the Lamanite
-Birth of Christ
-The resurrection
-Jesus blesses the children
-The Brother of Jared
-Moroni buries the plates

Now, the fun part! Natalie has offered to give away two free downloads for our readers!

All you have to do is comment before next Monday, Feb. 25th and you've got a chance to win one!
Be sure to stop by Natalie's Etsy shop for a  second chance to win. Just be sure to post a second comment letting us know you visited. The awesome thing is that even if you don't win, she's selling the download for just $9.99. You can still win!


  1. I'd love to win this! My daughter is 3 and is definitely needing a quiet book, and I prefer to bring gospel related items for her to "play" with during church. This would be great!!

  2. I've been to Natalie's Etsy shop. I can't wait for both volumes to be available.

  3. Pick me pick me!! I have two little girls (2 and 3) that would just LOVE this! Thanks for sharing :)

  4. This would be a life saver during church while I wrestle with my kids! I would love it...and so would my kids :)

  5. What a wonderful Book of Mormon for Kids!

  6. I love these big bold illustrations...and am crossing my fingers I can win this file folder FHE game! Love it:D

  7. This is really awesome! How would someone go about giving you free items to offer as a give away on your blog? I would love to connect with you!

  8. Linda, if it's family home evening related and you'd like us to review something, you can email Dianna:
    or myself:

  9. These are ADORABLE! and could be used for so many different things and in so many different ways! I would love to win this for my kids!

  10. These are really cute! Love to win this. I have a little boy around 2 going to be 3. I have been looking for some neat ways to teach my little boy the gospel this is such a wonderful thing. This would also be a great quiet book to take to church to make it during sacrament. -- Kayla Jones

  11. Wow, this would be so awesome!

  12. What a fun resource this would be for FHE and sacrament meeting! Would love to win thanks for the chance

  13. This looks so fun! Thanks for the giveaway :_

  14. Fun!! A great sacrament meeting game for my kiddo!

  15. Visited the Etsy shop! Maybe she'll expand into other Bible stories too?

  16. I visited Natalie Etsy shop. It's really cute! Kayla Jones

  17. I would LOVE to win this for my boys!

  18. Love this! Would definitely help make the book of mormon stories come alive for my 2 and 4 yr old girls! How are you attaching the cut out pieces into your laminated book? glue dots? it's not velcro?

  19. I visited her shop and I plan on ordering 3 of each volume!! Can't wait for part 2!!!! I hope she does bible study too!!!

    1. To answer your question..it is sticky tack/poster putty. It's available at any local craft store or office supply store. Velcro is also an option! It's definitely more durable but also more pricey. Bible stories are definitely in the thought process, just trying to plow through the rest of volume 2 first!

  20. Just happened on to your blog for the first time this evening. I've been gathering ideas for FHE. My boys would love this! Thanks for the giveaway.

  21. I have a toddler and 7 month twins and due to a lot of illness, my 2 year old has missed out so much on primary and nursery learning. I love this blog and am so excited about all the ideas to teach her!

  22. file folders are such a great idea! my girlie loves file folder games, and that would be such an awesome way to teach her scripture stories.

  23. We would love this here! What a fun idea.

  24. These are so great! I want one for my house (grandma) and one for my grandaughters.

  25. What a great idea!! I am sure my boys would love it!

  26. Am I too late to enter? I sure hope not! What a WONDERFUL giveaway! :)