Tuesday, August 11, 2009

President Monson's Birthday

Since President Monson celebrates his birthday in August we decided to spend a few of our Family Home Evenings learning about our prophet.

We started by giving the kids a picture of President Monson to color.
While they were coloring we read them some stories from the Friend.
-The Canary with the Best Song (Friend, Aug 2005, 2)
-Happy Homes (Friend, Oct 2001, 2)
-Tracks in the Snow (Friend, Sep 2003, 2)
These are the 3 stories I picked but any stories or articles about President Monson will work.

After they were done coloring we played a President Monson Bingo game and learned more about the prophet.
The kids really enjoyed this and have already asked to play again a number of times.
There are actually 30 bingo cards available but I just printed 4 off for our family. Print as many as you need for your family. I laminated everything so we can use them over and over again.


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