Thursday, April 2, 2009

General Conference Ideas for Toddlers and Preschoolers

It sounds like I'm not the only one who needs help with her toddler during General Conference on Saturday. I want my son to get the most out of it (or at least sit quietly so I can hear), but it's a challenge for a little boy who never sits still.

I'm determined to do my best to prepare this time, though. I'm hoping that if I have several activities on hand, I'll be more likely to be successful.

Here are my ideas so far.

Advance preparation

Ideas for conference
  • Build a conference reverence tent.
  • Kids who enjoy coloring may enjoy filling out parts of this conference packet.
  • Have a basket or box of activities ready for each session (so I don't use up all my ideas in the first hour!). These might include different activities my son likes, such as:
    • Coloring pages
    • Paint with water
    • Play-doh
    • Special snacks
    • Safety scissors and construction paper
    • Puzzles
    • Toys that he hasn't seen in awhile
    • Church books
  • Have some ideas for physical activities to do during hymns, such as a quick game of tag, hide-and-seek: anything to get him moving for a minute.
  • Draw pictures to send to distant friends and family.
  • Have some ties and other dress-ups available to dress up like the speakers.
  • Assemble some of these cut-out paper toys.
  • Get out the blocks, or some other toy that he doesn't get to play with often.

Last of all, make your naptime work for you. I'm planning on having my son take his nap during the afternoon sessions--it's pretty close to his regular time, anyway. Keeping him up would make us all grumpy.

It's your turn. Any great ideas to help toddlers get the most out of conference?


  1. Awesome Ideas! Thank you! I've been drawing up my game plan today and just posted my ideas on my blog. Feel free to take a peak. AKA: Mama's Thinking Corner.

  2. What fantastic ideas!!! I can always count on you to have something wonderful up your sleeve!

  3. Those are great ideas, I will use them in October for sure! I like that tent idea!

  4. We're having our first baby here any day and I really appreciate the post!! I adored the reverence tent idea - could def. make that a family tradition.

  5. Hi! I'm a random visitor who found your blog through Google. :) Great ideas for Conference--thanks for sharing.

  6. This gives me some hope of my kids enjoying conference! Thanks!