Monday, January 12, 2009

Treasure Hunt FHE

I found this cute FHE lesson here. Becca was kind enough to allow me to share it with you here on FHE Planner. Hope you enjoy. I quote her as follows.

In keeping with the 2009 Primary Theme, however, I chose to do a Treasure Hunt lesson/activity.First, I drew a map. (Click here to see it.)

On the back, I had the first clue.

The lesson went something like this:"In Primary, we learned this week that Heavenly Father gave us our bodies as gifts. He has a body and we want to be like Him. That is why we are here on earth, to get a body and learn to be obedient. If we are obedient and use our bodies well, we will learn how to be like Heavenly Father and He will give us the ULTIMATE TREASURE."

My children are 4, almost 5, and 20 months. When I said "ULTIMATE TREASURE," I had the 4-year old's attention for about 20 seconds. That's when you rush the rest of the lesson and cut out all the unnecessary words. What you say next is ABOUT TO MAKE AN IMPRESSION."

I have a map here that leads to a treasure. If you do what the map says and follow the clues, you will find the treasure. I want you to find the treasure and there is enough for everyone to enjoy it. HEAVENLY FATHER HAS A SPECIAL TREASURE FOR YOU, TOO. What do you think that treasure is?"

We had to do some coaxing. The treasure is eternal life and a glorified body, living with Heavenly Father and becoming like Him and being happy.

"Heavenly Father gave us a treasure map to help us find our way back home to Him. What do you think that map is?"

Answer: the scriptures, the prophets, our parents

"If we follow the prophet, keep the commandments we find in the scriptures, and obey our parents, we will find the treasure Heavenly Father wants to give us - eternal life is the best treasure of all!"

Then I let them go at it. I had the clues written from Primary songs, and whatever word was missing, that's where the next clue was. (Clues are hard for the youngest kids. It has to be something they recognize instantly. Songs are good. I'm sure the inspiration came from the Spirit.)

Clue 1: I looked out the ____ and what did I see? (window)
Clue 2: The Spirit will guide, and deep inside, I'll know the ______ are true. (scriptures - as in a scripture quad in a case)
Clue 3: The chapel _____ seem to say to me... (doors)
Clue 4: Book of ______ stories that my teacher tells to me (Mormon - the Book of Mormon we had out)
Clue 5: For health and strength and daily _____, we praise thy name, O Lord. ( food - fridge)Clue 6: Early to ____ and early to rise (bed)
Clue 7: ______ dear, I love you so! Your happy, smiling face... (Mother)
In my apron pocket, I had the "Final Clue"Final Clue: Check under the couch cushions. They found the treasure, a bunch of toffee popcorn with a note on the box: "You found it!"

Then I told them how happy I was that they found the treasure and how excited I was to share it with them. I shared my testimony that Heavenly Father is excited when we follow his map and that he loves us and wants us to find our way home to Him.


  1. LOVE this one. So much fun.

  2. What a great idea! Thanks for sharing this.

  3. I love reading ideas like this. Family home evening is such a precious tool. Thanks for sharing.

    I actually have a book coming out later this year, which might add to your family's idea collection.

  4. Yay! I love treasure hunts. They're so much fun...

  5. Ooh! I just found your blog--hope you don't mind me commenting. I am going to use this lesson tonight. I need something simple for my poor four year old. My lessons are usually geared toward my older kids and he gets left in the dust. Thanks so much!

  6. I used this last week and it was a hit! I really don't know what I would do without your blog, I use it almost every Monday. Thanks for all your time in helping all of us Latter-Day Saint mothers out!!!

  7. Responding to Sharlee...I am glad to hear I am not the only one that does that! I have to remember to do lessons here and there geared toward my younger ones too. I try to do things that include all my ages, but it really is a huge challenge with the vast difference in ages!! Thanks for your comment!