Wednesday, December 31, 2008


We had a lesson on obedience this week, I thought it would make a good addition to Marika's post about obedience (and I really have been meaning to post it!).

This object lesson came from a lesson I remember teaching a primary class a while ago. I don't know if it is still in one of the lesson books.

Get an animal of some sort (a sheep, cow, goat--something that lives on a farm would work the best) and make some sort of fence around the animal. I had a little toy cow, and since I couldn't find our toy fence, I just made a fence around it with blocks. It seems the lesson manual had the kids make their animal and fence out of play dough, which would be fun.

Ask the kids, or just explain (depending on ages), why we keep the animals in fences-- they could get lost, hurt, not be able to find food... if they were on their own.

Parallel the fence to rules and commandments that we have. Since my son is just 2, I just went into very basic rules that he knows and why we want him to do those things--so he will be safe, happy, healthy... That is why it is important to obey Mommy and Daddy.

You could get a lot more into commandments as rules Heavenly Father gives us to be safe, happy, and healthy, and read some of the scriptures Marika listed.

We ended singing "When My Mother Calls Me, Quickly I’ll Obey" (#197 PS).

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