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Obedience to Parents Lesson Plans

Here's a lesson plan that can be adapted to all age groups. Don't try to do all of it! Just pick and choose. Click on the links to go directly to instructions for games, songs, stories, scriptures, etc. online.


1. When My Mother Calls Me, Quickly I’ll Obey #197 PS
2. When We’re Helping We’re Happy #198 PS
3. Do as I’m Doing #276 PS
4. I Am a Child of God #2 PS
5. Baby Bumblebee here FS
6. If You’re Happy and You Know It #266 FS
7. Over in the Meadow here FS
8. The Mulberry Bush here FS

Scripture Quotes & Stories

1. Exodus 20:12=Honor thy Father & Mother. See also cross references
2. **Colossians 3:20=Children should obey their parents in all things
3. Deuteronomy 21:18-21=See kids? Mom & Dad aren’t so bad.
4. Proverbs 17:25=Foolish son is a grief to his Father.
5. Joseph Smith History 49&50=Joseph was in the habit of obeying his father. He knew his father would lead him in the right direction now.
6. Alma 57 This is the stripling warriors story. Obedience to parents leads to obedience to leaders (ie. Prophet, Heavenly Father).
7. Ruth The story of Ruth & Naomi shows honor to parents.
8. The “non” prodigal son continually had good from his father even while the prodigal son was gone from home.


1. Snow White & Rose Red—Both were taught to be kind. Obedience versus disobedience yielded different results. (Fairy tale from the Brother’s Grimm.)
2. Little Red Riding Hood—If she had gone straight to grandmas house like mom said, would the wolf have been a problem? (Fairy tale from the Brother’s Grimm.)
3. Pioneer girls obeyed dad and were saved from a fire. (Story from Rebecca Todd, “Fire on the Prairie,” Friend, Feb 1997


1. Simon Says
2. Mother May I


1. Play “Follow the Leader” at the park on rollerblades or playground
2. Go downtown and talk about street safety rules. Practice obedience in applying rules learned.
3. Go to library and practice library manners as taught.

Object Lessons

1. Choice & consequence train chains -- Make a paper chain by interlocking strips of paper together to form circles. Have someone (or all the kids take turns) pull one end of the chain. Point out that wherever the first one is pulled, the rest follow. Like pulling on the first chain, you can choose your actions. Also, like the rest of the links in the chain, consequences will follow. You can’t choose the consequences. If you don’t obey your parents, you know that there will be a consequence for you action.
2. Everyone help make a cake. -- Mom or Dad give a direction to everyone. How would the cake taste if everyone didn’t obey their instruction? How about if only one person didn’t?
3. Obedience in Lego constructing. -- You can vary this as you want, but here is the general idea. Mother gives out instructions to all on building a particular structure that she has in mind. All are to follow the precise instructions. (Before FHE begins, Mom should ask one person to only partially follow her instructions on the first Lego project.) As the structures are being built, some may notice that one person isn’t following instructions. This will lead to good discussion later. When the structures have been completed, ask questions—including some in the discussion question section. The idea that comes across here should be that Heavenly Father’s plan makes it such that every mom and dad should be obeyed by their children because parents love their children and have in mind certain things they want them to learn and become. As children disobey, heir structure doesn’t turn out the way mom and dad had in mind. For instance, if they refuse to be honest, perhaps their structure might be somewhat lopsided or something. The second part of this object lesson is to have Mother give instructions to the whole family to build something together. One person can be assigned as project manager to make sure things are done the way mom asked. (Before FHE, Mom can ask Dad to mildly sabotage the efforts.) When this project is completed, we can discuss the fact that what one person does can affect the whole family.


1. Follow the Leader

Refreshment Ideas

1. Choose any fun treat, but require that it must be eaten in the manner indicated—fast, slow, sit, stand, around the edge, from the middle, with a ladle or a straw
2. See cake activity in “object lessons”

Discussion Questions

1. Why follow this principle?
2. Why did the Lord ask us to do this?
3. What can happen when we don’t?
4. What can we gain spiritually?
5. Why can’t the parents obey the kids?
6. How does this fit in with the plan of salvation?
7. Have you seen examples of obedient or disobedient children you would like to be like?

Reference List

1. See internet links on each section.
5. Go here for more song possibilities. (More songs on this topic may be added over time.)
6. Refer to for more information.
7. Email with questions.

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